Gray Matter: The World's Most Epic Swims

Gray Matter: The World’s Most Epic Swims

Courtesy of Will Gray, World’s Most Epic Swims.

Will Gray penned his list of the World’s Most Epic Swims in the Red Bulletin Magazine:

#1. Martin Strel [shown above]: 5,269 Stage Swim of the Amazon in 66 days (Respect Rating of 11)
#2. Diana Nyad: 177 km Cuba to Florida Swim in 52 hours 54 minutes (Respect Rating of 10)
#3. Dave Cornthwaite‘s 1,610 km Missouri 1000 (Respect Rating of 9)
#4. Lewis Pugh: 1 km North Pole Swim in 18 minutes 50 seconds in -1.8°C (Respect Rating of 9)
#5. Sean Conway: 1,448 km stage swim the Length of Britain in 135 days (Respect Rating of 7)
#6. Ka’iwi Channel 45 km crossing between Molokai and Oahu in Hawaii (Respect Rating of 6)
#7. Manhattan Island Marathon Swim, 46 km circumnavigation in New York (Respect Rating of 5)
#8. Wild River Swimming in England (Respect Rating of 2)

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