Great Barrier Reef Swim Cancelled

Great Barrier Reef Swim Cancelled

Rob Hutchings announced that after months of setbacks, he has indefinitely postponed the Great Barrier Reef Swim.

Budget and logistical issues ultimately presented overwhelming challenges that proved greater than his swim plan, intended to start in November.

Rob had planned to swim up to five months in a solar-powered shark cage swimming for eight hours a day in order to complete the 2300K length of the Great Barrier Reef – the Earth’s largest living organism. It was his intention to donate money raised to Australian clubs and community centres for them to buy and install solar power on a massive scale.

Rob said to members of his Great Barrier Reef Swim Facebook Group, “It is possible that if an organization gets behind us in the future and handles the logistcs and sponsors that the Great Barrier Reef swim can be revived. We’ve learned that we cannot single handedly go to work, do the training and pull off this huge project all by ourselves.”

We respect Rob’s honesty, efforts and forthrightness.

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