Great Heroes On The Ganges

Article about India National Open Water Swimming Competition courtesy of José Luis Larrosa and Tom Morgenstern of Revista Open Swim

José Luis Larrosa writes about his 10 hour 57 minute victory in the India National Open Water Swimming Competition held in the Ganges River near Bangladesh for this month’s Revista Open Swim.

The competition is in its 73rd year and is currently the longest one-day open water swimming competition in the world. The race features two distances: 81 km (50.3 miles) and 19 km and is held in the 30ºC water of the River Bhagirathi. It has been organized every year by Murshidabad Swimming Association since 1943.

He writes (originally in Spanish), “I was aware of the greatness and the situation of these people. My four boatmen who rowed under a suffocating sun [in the 36-38ºC air temperature] for 11 hours at my side gave a great effort not only during the race, but also during the 3 and a half days paddling up the river back to their homes, fishing, sleeping on the shores, and making an effort that was not paid for. They are the other anonymous heroes of this competition.”

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Steven Munatones