Great Magazine Spectacularly Showcases Aquatic Heroes

Great Magazine Spectacularly Showcases Aquatic Heroes

We had the pleasure of receiving the first issue of the new FINA Aquatics World Magazine.

We found it to be an absolutely outstanding magazine that covers open water swimming, pool swimming, water polo, synchronized swimming and diving in a colorful, informative, entertaining way.

The photography was beautiful and compelling. The stories about the world-class athletes were fresh and fascinating. FINA’s reach to the highest echelons of aquatic performers is unparalleled – and it shows in the magazine.

The FINA Aquatics World Magazine was first introduced at the 2010 FINA Bureau Meeting in Bangkok. In this era of virtual, online and mobile communications, we still loved the tactile feel and permanence of a well-published magazine describing and showcasing great aquatic athletes from around the world.

The second issue of the FINA Aquatics World Magazine is now out with a cover story on the Athletes of the Decade. Its choice of the best open water swimmers, pool swimmers, water polo players, synchronized swimmers and divers was spot on – and informative.

FINA is providing a great service to its five disciplines. We believe it is great how insightful information and up-close-and-personal photography for each of the five disciplines is equally presented. The courage of divers, the grace of synchronized swimmers, the power of water polo players, the speed of pool swimmers and the endurance of open water swimmers is handled well and gives the whole FINA family a greater appreciation of these aquatic heroes and heroines.

Our congratulations go to Tamas Gyarfas, Editor in Chief and FINA Bureau Member, and Pedro Adrega, Editor in Chief and Head of FINA Communications Department.

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Steven Munatones