A Great Open Water Swimming Documentarist

A Great Open Water Swimming Documentarist

The Daily News of Open Water Swimming has traveled far and wide to five continents to cover open water swimming, but we have yet to run into any swimmer who documents, records and opines on open water swimming in as exquisite detail – in words, in photos and in video – as Rob Dumouchel.

Swimming Evangelist Rob, who is a top-notch social media expert by profession and creator of Rob Aquatics, carefully, colorfully and comprehensively documents each of his open water swims that he does around the United States. He took 36 different flights in 2010 to 20 races.

Throughout the year, he took in-the-water, over-the-water, underwater, off-shore and onshore photos and videos of his 20 open water swims and numerous training sessions across 7 states (see map above). Before, during and after each of his swims, Rob provided incredibly detailed commentary – a valuable resource for race directors, volunteers and swimmers alike.

His reports are filled with minute details, inside jokes and middle-of-the-pack observations that provide a unique perspective that can help improve the event in the future. Swimmers who may be considering the swims in the future also find his online reports helpful.

Rob has consistently provided an outstanding service to the open water swimming community. We look forward to many more reports from >Rob Aquatics for many more years to come.

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Steven Munatones