Great Relay LA Supports Trident Swim Foundation

Great Relay LA Supports Trident Swim Foundation

The Great Relay is the biggest, longest pool-based relay competition in the United States.

Teams of 8-10 swimmers race 5000 yards or meters, typically taking 45-75 minutes to complete. Swimmers race 50’s every 4 minutes or so the speed is fast – and tiring after 10 or more all-out 50 freestyles.

Many different types of teams compete based on different ages, types of swim teams (summer league, high school, club, etc.), pool lengths, etc. The event raises money for underserved youth who need mentorship and support and benefits the Trident Swim Foundation.

The Great Relay helps the Trident Swim Foundation Fund and supports the Swimmer Scholar program. The money goes to improve access to lifesaving swim lessons, competitive swim programs, academic support, and college education for in inner city youth.

Event Details

The 2021 Great Relay LA will be held from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm today at the Wiseburn Aquatics Center in El Segundo (near LAX International Airport). The participants are welcome to join in a follow-up ocean swim at Tower 26 in Santa Monica Beach on Sunday morning, November 21st at 8:30 with world champion and two-time Olympic 1500m and marathon swimmer Jordan Wilimovsky.

Olympian and fellow world champion Ashley Twichell (7th in the 10K in Tokyo) will join the Great Relay as will fellow Olympians Caroline Burckle, Kim Vandenberg, and John Moffet.

Kimberly Vandenberg is an Olympic bronze medalist, Pan American gold medalist, FINA World Championship silver medalist, and a 3-time U.S. national champion and French national champion who founded Kim Swim Studios, and serves as a mentor for RISE Athletes, and an ambassador for National Service Through Sports and Room to Read. She says, “Having been an athlete my entire life, it’s always an honor to give back to the swimming world and support others in their goals, both in and out of the water. I support Trident’s mission to bring together the community with sports and studies 100 percent. I look forward to future involvement with the program and the Great Relay!
Caroline Stilwell Burckle is an Olympic bronze medalist and co-founder of RISE Athletes.

For more information on the Trident Swim Foundation, visit here. Amy Dantzler is currently the swimmer who has raised the most money for the Trident Swim Foundation’s Swimmer Scholar program. The program is designed for students to succeed long after they graduate from its program. The three core principles of the program are Discipline, Self-confidence, and Teamwork.

Discipline – Attendance at after-school study sessions and structured swim practice is mandatory for the Swimmer Scholars. Students learn to reap the rewards and understand the necessity of hard work in and out of the pool. 

Self-confidence – As Swimmer Scholars develop athletic and academic competence, they begin to understand their abilities and strengths better to redefine their limits.

Teamwork – Swimmer Scholars learn to support the goals of their teammates in the pool and the classroom by collaborating in relays during swim meets and participating in active learning forums during the study hall sessions. 

The Trident Swim Foundation currently has full Swimmer Scholar Programs in New York City, Los Angeles, and Louisville.

Trident Swimmer Scholar graduate Ledimir Nunez says of the program, “Through the Swimmer Scholar program I learned how to excel academically and push myself physically. With the help of my Trident mentors and academic tutoring sessions, I was able to learn more about colleges and opportunities beyond high school. Trident also gave me my best friends who, after 10 years, I am still in very close contact with.”

Martha Cedeno, another Trident Swimmer Scholar graduate Ledimir Nunez recalls, “Trident Swim Foundation is a family that helps you grow, surpass challenges, and pushes you to be the best you can be. Like family, they help you reach your goals because they want to see you succeed. Because of them I’ve learned to push through challenging moments to get to where I want to be to become who I want to become.”

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