The Green Room In The Open Water

The Green Room In The Open Water

Pool swimming has a ready room. As do aircraft carrier pilots. The television industry has its green room.

And the open water world has its tents.

Tents are usually put up near the start of an open water swim where the international field gathers to check-in, get their numbers and transponders, and mentally prepares themselves for the looming battle.

It can be loud, hot and chaotic – but there is usually a systematic choreography to the FINA officials, volunteers, administrators and athletes.

FINA officials Ricardo Ratto of Brazil and Carolina Ribeiro of Portugal (shown above) are key officials during the check-in process at today’s FINA Olympic Marathon Swim Qualifier checking in Yasunari Hirai and others. Today at 4 pm Portugal time, 61 men will compete for 15 spots at the Olympic marathon swimming final on August 10th in London.

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Steven Munatones