Green With Envy In South Korea

Green With Envy In South Korea

Green With Envy In South Korea
Courtesy of Australian Swimming, Yeosu EXPO Ocean Park, South Korea.

If you are an aquatic athlete, Yeosu in South Korea is the place to be over the next two weeks.

Hayden Cotter, Chelsea Gubecka, Mackenzie Brazier, Kareena Lee and Nick Sloman of Australian Swimming are among the podium and Olympic hopefuls who are in taper for the upcoming 2019 FINA World Championships in Yeosu, South Korea.

The competition kicks off with the men’s 5 km race on this coming Saturday morning.

Chelsea Gubecka of Yeronga Park will compete in the 10 km, the official 2020 Tokyo Olympic 10K Marathon Swim qualifier on Sunday.  She talked about the conditions and competition, “Yeah it’s pretty nice, not too cold – we’re used to a lot colder.  And there’s a little bit of wind, so it should make it a good race.  I’m feeling pretty confident and happy with my preparation. I’ve got a bit of experience under my belt as it’s my fourth World [Championships] so I’m looking forward to it.”

Teammate Kareena Lee of Noosa will join Gubecka in the 10 km race.  Lee is competing in her third FINA World Championships, “It was great to get a feel of the course, the water is about 22°C so it’s a really comfortable temperature to race in.  It’s really exciting to be here and seeing all the other countries come in, it’s just a really great environment to be in.”

Nick Sloman of Noosa and Kai Edwards of TSS Aquatics will compete in next Tuesday’s men’s 10 km Olympic men’s qualifier.  Sloman said, “I’m very excited for the race, obviously with Olympic selection on the cards it’s going to be hard, but I’m excited for the challenge.”

The competition will continue through next Friday, July 19th and will conclude with the 25 km marathon.

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