Gregorio Paltrinieri Getting Back Into The Open Water

Courtesy of Claudius Communications, Eilat, Israel.

Italy’s 1500m Olympic champion Gregorio Paltrinieri is going through another initiation.

He learned a lot in Eilat at the opening stage of the LEN European Open Water Swimming Cup – just like Olympic marathon swimming gold medalist Ous Mellouli learned many years ago before his victory at the 2012 London Olympics.

Even though Paltrinieri barely missed a podium position in his first 10 km race, he can very close after taking time off from the open water at the age of 17 on pool swimming.

I enjoyed the race after all, managed to keep up with the others for most of the time,” said the world, European and Olympic champion from Italy to LEN after the race. “In the last lap, I felt as if I was losing the necessary energy to go with the leaders and I fell behind. Still, it was a good experience, totally different from pool swimming, but I learnt a lot here.”

It will be interesting if he continues to push what may be possible and may aim for a double gold in the 1500m and 10 km at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games where the water will be nearly as flat and calm as a pool at Odaiba Marine Park in Tokyo Bay.

LEN European Open Water Swimming Cup Results:
1. Kristof Rasovszky (HUN) 1:49:43.35
2. Kirill Abrosimov (RUS) 1:50:02.50
3. Evgenii Drattsev (RUS) 1:50:08.00
4. Gregorio Paltrinieri (ITA) 1:50.10.60

1. Katalin Somenek (HUN) 2:00:24.05
2. Spela Pelse (SLO) 2:00:25.95
3. Nikolett Szilagyi (HUN) 2:00.36.75

Directed by Patricia Benezra Carmeli

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