Gutsy Gnarley Guargantuan - Another Kaieiewaho Attempt

Gutsy Gnarley Guargantuan – Another Kaieiewaho Attempt

Penny Palfrey announced that she is going to have another go at the 72-mile Kaieiewaho Channel between Oahu to Kauai in the state of Hawaii.

The Kaieiewaho Channel has never been crossed before, although Jonathan Ezer in the 1970s and Penny earlier this year, gave it two extremely courageous attempts.

I’m trying to put together another attempt…in early October. My pilot Captain Don has agreed to support my swim and I have the two Hawaiian lifeguards Bill Goding and Jeff Kozlovich who assisted me during my attempt in April back on deck.”

Success in this channel will require a world-class athlete in peak condition with an iron-willed mindset. It will also require the ability to give a deeply felt and courageous effort in the attempt. Penny has this, and more, along with the support of an experienced local crew. However, she will also need a healthy dash of good fortune to avoid large, aggressive sharks and tiny, painful Portuguese Man-o-War.

Amazingly, this second attempt comes on the heels of a long season in which she swam the 19.7 km Rottnest Channel Swim in February (5:41), 58 km in an unsuccessful Oahu-to-Kauai crossing in April (12:08), a two-way 38 km Strait of Gibraltar in June (8:27), the 8K Magnetic Island to Townsville race in July (1:49) and a Catalina Channel crossing this September (10:36).

Stay tuned for one of the world’s greatest marathon swim attempts – Part Two – and The Daily News of Open Water Swimming will be right alongside.

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Steven Munatones