Guys Be Square - Tie A Reef Knot

Guys Be Square – Tie A Reef Knot

As the new textile swimsuits are now the rule in competitive pool swimming and will be mandatory in open water swimming in June 2010, the need for male swimmers to properly tie their swimsuits returns.

It is a rare event and almost never discussed, but the untying of a swimsuit in the water does occasionally happen to young swimmers.

This Runner’s World video explains and shows in detail how to properly tie a shoelace and the difference between a reef knot (also known as a square knot) and a granny knot (also known as a binding knot.).

The Runner’s World video explains how runners – and swimmers – can and should tie a reef knot because (a) it will not become untied on its own, (b) it will become more secure as you move, and (c) it is and looks for balanced. The granny knot, in contrast, can become untied and sits crookedly across the shoe (or torso in a swimsuit).

The three-step process explains the differences between a reef knot and a granny knot.

Photo by Pawel Dwulit of Toronto Start Photos.

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Steven Munatones