H2O Magazine Is Beautiful And Its Ours

H2O Magazine Is Beautiful And Its Ours

A hard-copy publication for the open water swimming world is finally here.

H2Open Magazine‘s first issue is out and is beautiful. Full of information, photos, race schedules, articles, links and advertisements, it is a wonderful and timely addition to the the open water swimming community. Extreme swimming, lido swimming, professional swimming, marathon swimming, channel swimming, expedition swimming … H2Open Magazine comprehensively and beautifully gives justice to our sport.

Simon Griffiths, Editor and Founder, writes, “When we first came up with the idea of a magazine dedicated to open water swimming, people asked us what would we write about and who would we write for. “Isn’t open water swimming a tiny minority extreme sport for eccentrics?” they asked.”

Simon answered the question perfectly, “Certainly, open water swimming attracts its fair share of extreme fanatics, and we hope to share some of their amazing stories with you in future issues, but not all of us feel the need to cross oceans or dodge icebergs. Some of us are happy with a quiet swim in a calm, clean river, or a visit to one of the country’s much loved lidos. One thing we at H2Open love about open water swimming is the diversity both of the challenges and the people doing it…We love that there are no age limits to participation, that the sport attracts men and women equally and that it’s open to people with disabilities.”

Enjoy and subscribe. Support our community and you will not be disappointed for a very reasonable annual price of £20 (for 6 issues in the United Kingdom) or £26 (for subscribers in the rest of the world.)

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Steven Munatones