H2Open Magazine's National Open Water Swimming Ranking Series

H2Open Magazine’s National Open Water Swimming Ranking Series

Joel Enoch, Race Series Coordinator, and Simon Griffiths, Editor/Race Series Director of H2Open Magazine, announced the National Open Water Swimming Ranking Series in Great Britain. It is Britain’s first open water swimming ranking series in a joint partnership with seven race organisers.

The concept is simple. Swimmers will have to complete three of the seven races to participate and will be awarded points based on their finishing position. The top swimmers in each age group will be crowned national champions at the end of the year. Race distances range from 1 mile to 5K and take place in the sea, rivers and lakes.

Registration for the series is free and can be completed through H2Open Magazine’s website.

Joel explains, “A National Open Water Swimming Series is a hugely exciting development for the sport and allows pool swimmers to get out of the chlorinated water and discover the freedom of not having to turn every 25 meters. The series will also allow more opportunity for seasoned pool swimmers and triathletes to come together. It will be interesting to see if the technique of the pool swimmers or the open water experience of triathletes wins through across the year.”

The races on the series include:

1. May 5th – Galeforce Events, 5K Box End Swim, lake near Bedford
2. June 8th – 1.9K The Wales Swim, sea in Tenby
3. July 8th – 1-mile The Henley Mile, river in Henley
4. August 4th – 2K The Edinburgh Swim Festival, sea in Edinburgh
5. August 5th – 2.5K Votwo Bournemouth Long Swim, sea
6. August 18th – Monster Swim in Loch Ness, distance to be decided
7. September 8th – 5K The South West Swim, lake near Radstock, Somerset

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