Haley Anderson Continues To Roll Onto Tokyo

Courtesy of WOWSA, Tateyama, Hojo Beach, Chiba Prefecture, Japan.

Haley Anderson of the USA has a kick, a finishing kick that is.

Her kick nearly got her to win a gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics 10 km marathon swim – and her passion for the sport continues as she aims for 2020 in Tokyo.

Similarly, Canada’s Stephanie Horner, a three-time Olympian, is aiming for Tokyo 2020 again in the 10 km race. But she finished 8th at today’s Pan Pacific Swimming Championships 10 km marathon swim. “Obviously it’s not necessarily the best race I would have liked to have swam, but I think you learn from every experience so I have to focus on that, take it forward with me and try to get better next year.

I’m not really satisfied with where I’m at now and I don’t really want to leave the sport on a note that I’m not really happy with. If I keep getting better I don’t see why I would stop. I feel like I still have lots to learn. Mark’s been great in guiding me and he has so much experience. I feel like he’s got a lot to give, I trust him and I want to get on his boat.”

10 km Results:
1. Haley Anderson (USA) 2:08:24.8
2. Kareena Lee (Australia) 2:08:26.0
3. Ana Marcela Cunha (Brazil) 2:08:27.0
4. Ashley Twichell (USA) 2:08:29.6
* Hannah Moore (USA) 2:08:33.5
5. Yukimi Moriyama (Japan) 2:08:33.5
6. Yumi Kida (Japan) 2:08:38.3
* Erica Sullivan (USA) 2:08:43.5
* Chase Travis (USA) 2:08:44.6
7. Chelsea Gubecka (Australia) 2:08:52.5
8. Stephanie Horner (Canada) 2:10:59.9
9. Charlotte Webby (New Zealand) 2:11:31.8
10. Kate Sanderson (Canada) 2:12:16.8
11. Viviane Jungblut (Brazil) 2:13:57.9
12. Nicole Oliva (Philippines) 2:15:21.3


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