Haley Anderson Extends Her 5 km Dominance

Haley Anderson Extends Her 5 km Dominance

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

In the competitive open water swimming world, the 5 km race is considered a sprint.

The hour race is the shortest open water race conducted at the FINA World Championships.

And an American distance freestyle specialist – Haley Anderson – is considered the world’s best open water sprinter.

The reigning 5 km world champion and Olympic silver medalist – by 4/10th of a second – in the 10 km marathon swim demonstrated her tactical prowess and flat-out sprinting speed in Castaic Lake at the 2014 USA Swimming National Open Water Swimming Championships this Father’s Day morning.

I didn’t have the best line after the last turn buoy,” she recalls the point in the race 200m from the finish where she was a full body behind leading Christine Jennings. But that is what makes a champion: she dealt with the situation at hand and beat fast-closing Tristin Baxter and long-time rivals Eva Fabian and Christine Jennings to the finish pontoon.

Observing the personable 22-year-old was a lesson in strategy and tactics in today’s flat-water course. She took it out fast and positioned her in front of the fray at the start. Then throughout the hour-long race shifted kept on shifting gears upwards and downwards as the race dynamics dictated. She swam at 84 strokes per minute with a negligible kick and then powered to a 96 wpm tempo in less time that it takes round a buoy.

Additional race videos and reports from today’s national championship in Southern California will be forthcoming including videos of athletes losing their transponders, athletes making power moves, athletes losing their goggles, and athletes missing buoy turns.

The final results:

1. Haley Anderson (Trojan Swim Club) 1:00:08.37
2. Tristin Baxter (Clovis Swim Club) 1:00:09.58
3. Eva Fabian (Greenwood Swimming) 1:00:10.55
4. Christine Jennings (RallySport Aquatic Club) 1:00:10.68
5. Kelsey Cummings (Club Wolverine) 1:00:12.19
6. Kaitlin Pawlowicz (Nation’s Capital Swim Club)
7. Regan Kology (Somerset Hills YMCA) 1:00:26.56
8. Megan Byrnes (Nation’s Capital Swim Club) 1:00:30.38
9. Erin Emery (Sandpipers of Nevada) 1:00:31.00
10. Jessica Wolf (Club Wolverine) 1:00:36.41
11. Casey Francis (Pine Crest Swimming) 1:00:36.45
12. Kylie Mitchell (Greenwood Swimming) 1:00:36.64
13. Jessie Arnold (Shenandoah Marlins Aquatic Club) 1:01:35.28
14. Hanna Huston (Katy Aquatics) 1:01:40.79
15. Peyton Quattlebaum (First Colony Swim Team) 1:01:41.00
16. Brittney Beetcher (Boulder Swimming) 1:01:55.53
17. Caroline Lepesant (Unattached) 1:01:55.61
18. Kat Wickham (Piranha Swim Team) 1:01:59.10
19. Jamie Dodd (Team Santa Monica) 1:02:00.26
20. Natalie Ward (Unattached) 1:02:00.26
21. Jordan Anderson (Sierra Marlins Swim Team) 1:02:01.40
22. Cassy Jernberg (Schroeder YMCA Swim Team) 1:02:01.57
23. Gillian Caverly (Team Santa Monica) 1:02:05.32
24. Emmaline Peterson (Hickory Foundation YMCA Seashore Swim Team) 1:02:07.06
25. Hailey Houck (Sandpipers of Nevada) 1:02:10.13
26. Abbey Erwin (Boise YMCA Swim Team) 1:02:11.35
27. Kendall Brown (UNAT Aquazot Swim Club) 1:02:13.41
28. Megham Joram (YMCA of NW NC Riptyde) 1:05:03.72
29. Delise Batiza (Roadrunner Aquatic) 1:05:05.19
30. Grace Ferry (Dynamo Swim Club) 1:06:10.98
31. Isabel Whited (Arizona Gold Swimming) DNF

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