Half Century Club Members Find Fountain Of Youth In Ontario

Half Century Club Members Find Fountain Of Youth In Ontario

The English Channel has its Half Century Club, a group of swimmers who have successfully crossed the English Channel past their 50th birthday. The Cook Strait, the Molokai Channel, the Catalina Channel, the Rottnest Channel, the Strait of Gibraltar and the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim also have their own Half Century Clubs.

Bryan Finlay provided the Half Century Club of Lake Ontario that includes ten swimmers who have found the Fountain of Youth during their notable open water swims in Ontario.

Bill Sadlo, a member of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame, at the age of 57, was the pioneer in the Half Century Club with his crossing of Lake Ontario in 1957.

1. Bill Sadlo (57), USA, 23 August 1957, 51K in NOTL-Toronto in 25:01
2. Paolo Pinto (52), Italy, 28-29 July 1990, 51K in NOTL-Toronto in 23:57
3. Peter Gibbs (56), Barbados, 7-8 August 2004, 45K in NOTL-Toronto in 18:40
4. Colleen Shields (54), Canada, 12-13 Aug 2006, 51K in NOTL-Toronto in 16:31
5. John Munro (50), Canada, 25 August 2001, 35K from Hays Bay (NY) to MacDonald Park (Kingston, ON) in 18:48
6. John Munro (52), Canada, 12-13 August 2003, 59K from Sacket’s Harbor (NY) to Confederation Basin, Kingston (ON) in 35:15
7. Bryan Finlay (58), Canada, 23 June 2001, 22K from Lake Erie, Leamington to Pelee Island in 10:44 (breaststroke)
8. John Munro (52), Canada, 13 July 2003, 19K from Lake Erie, Crystal Beach (ON) to Sturgeon Point (NY) in 9:33
9. Chris Stockdale (62), England, 21 September 2006, 26K from Lake Erie, Port Colborne (ON) to Surgeon Point (NY) in 14:15
10. Bryan Finlay (56), Canada, 24-25 July 1999, 35K from Lake Simcoe, Barrie to Orillia in 21:09 (breaststroke)

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