Half Century Clubs In The Hawaiian Islands

Half Century Clubs In The Hawaiian Islands

The English Channel has its Half Century Club, an exclusive group of bold and young-minded individuals who have successfully crossed the English Channel past their 50th birthday.

The Strait of Gibraltar also has its own Half Century Club as does the Catalina Channel and the Cook Strait.

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the Hawaiian Islands offer ideal – but challenging – channels with Portuguese Man-o-War, winds, ocean swells and sharks. The islands present a great geographical location to create similar Half Century Clubs.

The Daily News of Open Water Swimming is seeking confirmation of swimmers over the age of 50 who have successfully completed swims between any of the Hawaiian Islands, including the Molokai Channel. To date, the following four individuals have been confirmed:

1. Mike Spalding (USA), 60, Molokai-Oahu in 2006
2. Linda Kaiser (USA), 57, Molokai-Oahu in 2007
3. Bill Goding (USA), 55, Molokai-Oahu in 2006
4. Chris Palfrey (Australia), 52, Molokai-Oahu in 12:53 in 2010

A list of channel swimmers in Hawaii is here. If there are any updates or corrections to this Hawaii channel swimmer list for the Kaiwi Channel (26 miles (42K) between Molokai and Oahu), the Kalohi Channel (9.3 miles (14.9K) between Lanai and Molokai), the Alalakeiki Channel (7 miles (11.2K) between Kahoolawe and Maui), the Palilolo Channel (8.5 miles (13.6K) between Maui and Molokai), the Alenuihaha Channel (30 miles (48.2K) between Hawaii and Maui), the Kaulakahi Channel (17 miles (27.3K) between Kauai and Niihau), the Kealaikahiki Channel (17 miles (27.3K) between Kahoolawe and Lanai), the wildly popular Auau Channel (8.8 miles between Lanai and Maui) and the Kaieiewaho (Kauai) Channel (72 miles between Oahu and Kauai), please email the Editor-in-Chief here.

If any swimmer on the Hawaii channel swimmer list was at least 50 years old at the time of their successful crossing, please email the Editor-in-Chief so these swimmers can be added to the Hawaiian Islands Channel Half Century Club.

Photo shows Molokai Channel record holder Chris Palfrey.

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