Hall Of Fame To Honour The Faros Maratón Swim

Hall Of Fame To Honour The Faros Maratón Swim

The Faros Maratón Swim will be celebrated for its induction as an Honour Organisation in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame this coming September.

Also known as the Croatian International Long Distance Swimming Championships, the Faros Maratón Swim‘s induction will be part of the 2012 Global Open Water Swimming Conference between September 21st – 23rd in Long Beach, California, U.S.A.

THe Faros Maratón Swim is the only major sporting event in Croatia to be included in any Hall of Fame, an obvious credit to the leadership of the race’s founder Vicko Soljan.

The event has developed over the last 36 years from a small provincial marathon swim into a world-class event drawing the international elite including Thomas Lurz in 2012. A total of 1,089 athletes from 42 countries have taken part in this international celebration of marathon endurance. Previously known as the Yugoslav International Long Distance Swimming Championship, the organisation continued to host their event even despite war conditions.

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Steven Munatones