Hall of Famers, Like Father, Like Sons

Hall of Famers, Like Father, Like Sons

The International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame honored the offspring of Reg Brickell Senior in its 2009 Class, Reg Brickell Jr. and Ray Brickell.

While the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame has honored husband-and-wife (Roger and Valerie Parsons and Ray and Audrey Scott), twins (Carole and Sarah Hunt), father-and-daughter (Robert and Christine Cossette), father-and-son (Ted and Jon Erikson), brother-and-sister (Sid and Marian Cassidy), mother-and-daughter (Freda and Alison Streeter), it is a first to have three members of the same family in the prestigious Hall of Fame.

Reg and Ray started acting as English Channel pilots with their father Reg over 40 years ago. Reg started work with his father at the age of 16 in 1967 and his brother also started at the age of 16 years 3 years later. In 1981, they took over the running of the boat from their father.

On average, they take up to 30 swimmers each season across the English Channel, including escorts of several world record swims. Like their father, they remain very involved with the Channel Swimming Association.

As they say, the apples didn’t fall too far away from the tree.

Their passion for the sport, their care for the athletes and their roots in the English Channel run deep.

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