Handicapped And Handcuffed, But Unbound By Desire

Handicapped And Handcuffed, But Unbound By Desire

Prakash Kharvi is a disabled Indian open water swimmer who dreams big.

Back in February 2011, he swam 3 km in 7 hours in the Arabian Sea with both his hands handcuffed behind his back. The polio victim started swimming from St Mary’s Island and reached Malpe Beach using primarily his left leg to kick a modified butterfly kick as his sole form of propulsion.

Kharvi explained to Daijiworld Media Network in 2011 when he accomplished his feat and about polio that he had when he was a year old. “I am handicapped. Because of this, I was driven to achieve something in life. My father and friends inspired me in my quest. I was frightened. It took a long time to swim to the beach because of the rough waves. I must have swum five to six kilometers extra because of the waves and wind.

My only wish is that I get a government job

Photo by Hemanath Padubidri.

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