Hang On Up Above And Down Low

Hang On Up Above And Down Low

Science Magazine reported that Climate Change Will Boost Plane Turbulence.

The world will get windier in the future claims a new study published today in Nature Climate Change. Researchers made these predictions based on simulated atmospheric conditions at altitudes where airplane fly over the North Atlantic.

While the analysis made assumptions to predict patterns of turbulence at 12 km above the earth’s surface, it has been our admittedly small number of personal observations that when airplane flights are very turbulent, the nearby open bodies of water are usually churned up with surface turbulence. That is, when cups are bouncing around the airplane cabin, we are usually in for a rough water swim down at sea level.

There may or may not be any relationship between the sea level or 12 km up, but if there is, make sure your goggles are snug. You’re in for a bumpy ride on high and down low.

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