Hank Wise Rips A Fast Anacapa Crossing

Hank Wise Rips A Fast Anacapa Crossing

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Hank Wise completed the second fastest crossing of the Anacapa Channel off the California coastline in 4 hours 56 minutes today. It was done in preparation for his fifth Catalina Channel crossing in November this year and a bit off the record crossing of Jim McConica in 4 hours 38 minutes set in 2012.

Wise’s team included captain Steve Meisenger, paddler Adrian Straight and observer Dave Van Mouwerik.

The swim went well despite tough offshore winds,” summed up Wise. “The general current was fairly positive. The seas were rough and cutting through the offshore winds was challenging. I felt good in the water and I gave it my best. I am happy with the results.

My crew, Meisey, Adrian and Dave Van Mourevik were all awesome. Meisey drove a very straight line. Adrian paddled and delivered feeds like a total champ. Dave kept an eye out and certified the swim

His three personal goals were met: (1) a sub-5 hour swim, (2) no stopping for any reason, and (3) did quick feeds every 30 minutes < 7 seconds per feed.

“It was funny, but a cormorant bird kind of did a mild attack on my cap and then realized it was not food, pushed off my shoulder and flew away. I have never had a bird’s web foot on my shoulder.”

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