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Courtesy of Beth French on history’s first Calendar Year Oceans Seven in the English Channel, North Channel, Molokai Channel, Tsugaru Channel, Cook Strait, Strait of Gibraltar, and Catalina Channel, attempted all within one calendar year..

The beautifully inspirational trailer above was produced by a British Academy of Film and Television Arts-nominated production team who is documenting Beth French‘s historic and unprecedented Calendar Year Oceans Seven adventure.

I’m still raising funds using a crowdfunding campaign here at www.crowdfunder.co.uk/oceans7 [to cross the English Channel, the North Channel, the Molokai Channel, the Tsugaru Channel, the Cook Strait, the Strait of Gibraltar, and the Catalina Channel].”

Her schedule is as follows:

Channel 1 North Channel – from Ireland to Scotland on September 6th 2016
Channel 2 Catalina Channel – in Southern California on October 12th 2016
Channel 3 Molokai Channel – from Molokai Island to Oahu in late November 2016
Channel 4 Cook Strait – between North Island and South Island in New Zealand in March-April 2017
Channel 5 Strait of Gibraltar – Spain to Morocco in late May 2017
Channel 6 Tsugaru Channel – from Honshu to Hokkaido in northern Japan on July 3rd 2017
Channel 7 English Channel – from England to France on August 21st 2017

Each of these swims is a major feat in itself. Some have only ever successfully been achieved by a small handful of swimmers. Attempting all seven in a single year will test the limit of what is currently believed physically possible in terms of endurance and recovery. This extraordinary challenge is set to be followed by award winning documentary makers for a cinematic release film showing what it takes to go beyond our limits and captures our unique relationship with the sea,” summarizes French.

Learn about Beth French’s unique training methodologies here.

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