Head West For Your Back

Head West For Your Back

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

While you swim, your body weight is supported by the water. The impact on your joint is limited and the positive psychological benefits are well-documented.

So with all these obvious benefits, Ori Sela and his colleagues at WEST (Water World Swimming Therapy) have created on online and practical system to achieve four benefits that become increasingly valuable as you age:

• Treat and heal lower back pain
• Save money by going to the pool and not to the doctor
• Swim much faster with less effort
• Live a painless, stress-free life

The Swim WEST technique was developed 17 years ago with the help of 140 instructors, swimming coaches, hydrotherapists and physicians in order to help people live a pain free and healthy life. “WEST swimming looks at each swimmer as if he has a herniated disc in his lower back and neck,” explains Sela. “In our current era, about 70% of the population suffers from neck and back problems as a direct result of our lifestyle. Seems like it is going to take the world an additional 20 years to fully understand WEST benefits, qualities and its contribution to our quality of life.”

The Water World Swimming Therapy is a swimming technique that teaches and heals people who suffer from lower back pain. “We are all around the world,” says Sela who is also a Watzu, Jahara and Shiatsuori-sela therapist who coaches people of all ages and abilities in Israel. “Water World is one of the largest and most professional swimming and hydrotherapy clubs in the world with coaches and therapists believing in the water and the strength it can give.”

WEST provides relief to thousands including some of which are recovering from cerebrovascular accidents or who suffer from lower back or neck pain.

What if you have pain in your lower back? Is it possible to treat pains when swimming fast?” Sela asks, knowing the answers. “Swim WEST’s “Learn swimming online program” takes you step-by-step in order to live a pain-free life. By the end of the course, you will swim looser while protecting your lower back and swim much faster.”

There are 4 basic courses:

Course 1 for those with lower back pain and don’t know how to swim or know how to swim with unbearable pain

Course 2 for those without back pain, but want to learn how to swim

Course 3 for those who want to improve their abilities

Course 4 for advanced swimmer who have lower back pain and want to enjoy swimming faster with muck less effort

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