Heading Back To School In The Open Water

Heading Back To School In The Open Water

Sharks are the most feared creatures in the ocean for most open water swimmers. See a fin in the ocean and all kinds of fear strike the heart of an open water swimmer.

But divers, marine biologists, surfers, triathletes and swimmers from California to Australia to South Africa encounter sharks.

Dr. Erich Ritter, a shark biologist, advises these ocean-goers what to do. He wrote Shark – Human Interaction, a 200-page book that focuses what to do when a human faces a shark.

Dr. Ritter answers the following questions:

* What do you really have to do when a shark comes too close?
* How do you read a shark and what do you have to look for?
* What does it mean when a shark flickers, tilts, yawns, chafes, bumps, or approaches in a frontal manner rather than a lateral one?
* Why do inner and outer circles matter?
* What should you look for in the inter zone?
* How should you withdraw correctly?

Dr. Ritter describes the behavioral patterns, tested recommendations and interception rules about how to act and react around the 30 species of shark that ocean-goers are most likely to encounter worldwide with over 200 pictures, drawings and lists for swimmers, surfers, and divers.

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Steven Munatones