Heading To France Starts In Dover

Heading To France Starts In Dover

Emma France announced the beginning of Dover Training on April 30th and distributed a wide variety of information that all aspiring English Channel swimmers who train in Dover should keep in mind.

Freda Streeter would like everyone to thoroughly digest the new instructions prior to arriving. This includes what you need to bring and what time to arrive – and for those swimmers who have been training in Dover for many years there are some changes so you too will need to have a read.”

Training takes place at 9:00 am prompt for solo swimmers and 10:00 am for relay swimmers every Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday from April 30th until September 25th. Emma reiterates the need for safety, instruction and promptness. “[Swimmers should] arrive early enough to be changed, attend the briefing, be greased up and in the water for the start time. For your first swim of the season, please be there extra early to allow time for the paperwork.”

The instructions include information on the distinct Swimming Zone, the requisite Buddy System and check-in/out system and the need for a swim cap. “This is a change from previous years. All swimmers must bring a yellow hat with them. Solo swimmers must also bring a red hat. The red hat identifies those swimmers who will need to be fed when they come to shore.”

Because the swimmers will do more than one swim per day for at least the first few weeks, an extra swimsuit is recommended as is a waterproof bag and waterproof watch. Ear plugs and Crocs or other shoes that you can wear to the edge of the water are also recommended. They will also provide swimmers with a certificate showing that they have completed a 2-hour or 6-hour swim if required.

It is a tough-minded group as there are no circumstances under which train is cancelled. The cost for solo swimmers is £25 per season or £4 per session. For relay swimmers, it is £5 per season or £2 per session for which swimmers receive Vaseline, Maxim, bananas, chocolate mini-rolls,jelly babies, other goodies, Paracetamol or ibuprofen and very helpful and knowledgeable volunteers.

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Steven Munatones