Heading To The Open Water

Heading To The Open Water

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

We love it when Olympic pool swimming champions find their way to the open water.

From Gertrude Ederle, Shane Gould and Sandy Neilsen-Bell to Rebecca Soni and Brooke Bennett, these incredible champion pool athletes have found their way to the open water – via event management, post-career training or simple enjoyment.

After learning that Australia 3-time Olympic gold medalist and 5-time world record holder Stephanie Rice OAM had moved to Southern California and launched her new business ventures (Rice Enterprises), we visited her website and reviewed her book The Art of Wellness.

In The Art of Wellness, she describes the fundamentals of optimum health including nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, and thoughts and emotions.

‘The Art of Wellness’ aims to simplify the mixed messages, and educate you with a deeper understanding of holistic health. It’s about creating wellness in all areas of your life and nourishing your body from the inside out.

Everyone is different. So inside, you’ll find practical tips and tools to help you design a more balanced and vibrant life that works for you.

We’ve also included recipes, printable grocery lists & workout guides to help simplify the journey and get your started. The workout guides can be implemented for all ages and levels of ability; in fact, we are currently using them. Simply follow the program to suit your lifestyle

Given her holistic approach to life and fitness, it was not surprising to see so many of her photos on her website taken near the ocean.

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