Hear, Hear - On Land And In The Water

Hear, Hear – On Land And In The Water

Ryan Bullock, founder of Swim To Hear, has combined the sport of swimming with hearing loss in a unique and educational way.

Why swimming?

Ryan explains, “Swim To Hear draws from the unique parallels that exist between swimming and science of hearing. Both share many of the same basic physical properties. Sound and water both travel in waves and exhibit different amplitudes and frequencies as they move from one source to another. In highlighting these similarities, we hope to promote a message of better hearing and overall health.”

Ryan developed Swim To Hear from the idea that hearing health is equally as important to one’s overall well-being as the health of the other senses. However, hearing loss is invisible: it is usually pain-free, develops gradually over a long period of time, and isn’t visibly noticeable to those around you. Swim To Hear is an organization committed to raising awareness of hearing loss and the help that is available through audiologists.

If you have swimmer’s shoulder, you see a doctor. But where do you go if you think you may have a hearing loss? Ryan wants people to understand that audiologists are uniquely qualified to diagnose and treat hearing loss.

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Steven Munatones