Hector Gascon, Grateful And Appreciative

Hector Gascon, Grateful And Appreciative

Hector Gascon, Grateful And Appreciative

Courtesy of Catalina Channel Swimming Federation, Catalina Channel, Southern California.

Catalina Channel Swimming Federation confirmed that Hector Gascon of Los Angeles, California overcame some nighttime turbulence to complete his first channel swim across the Catalina Channel on September 19th-20th in 12 hours 31 minutes.

The Catalina Channel Swimming Federation reported, “The captains and crew aboard the Bottom Scratcher crabbed around a strong current, as Hector worked his way through choppy waters. Fortunately with the sunrise the conditions calmed down, and Hector was past the current. Childhood friend Jorge Garcia mixed his feeds, swim teammate David Sundius stayed up all night as crew chief coordinating buddy swimmers, and making sure all Hector had to do was swim. David Brandt, Charlette Cover, and Kris joined Hector in the water as buddy swimmers. Anthony Yang and Steven Robles provided kayak support. Joel Virgel and Amber Baker observed the swim.”

Tower 26 member Gascon recalled his experience of which he was deeply grateful, “I came into the swim nursing my shoulder and back. Kevin, captain of Bottom Scratcher, saved my swim when he noticed the condition my lead kayaker was in, and instructed me to swim along the boat while the kayaker situation was resolved. Kevin did an amazing job, along with his crew. I was highly impressed.

I should have this much earlier in my life.

I feel a great sense of accomplishment and feel compelled to swim again, while I’m still in the groove.

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