Help Protect The Oceans Eight Times Over

Help Protect The Oceans Eight Times Over

Courtesy of Alex Grey, Oceana.

Ocean swimmers have unique views of marine life. Swimming on the ocean’s surface, swimmers occasionally see all kinds of living beings from dolphins and sharks to manta rays and turtles. All of these creatures are precious to the health of the oceans.

Octopuses are absolute masters of disguise, but they can’t hide from the threat of bottom trawling.

Bottom trawls dragged along the seafloor devastate vital habitats, like reefs and rock gardens where octopuses seek shelter. It’s like clear cutting the ocean floor.

Oceana is enabling ocean advocates, marine conservationists and all others to make a symbolic octopus adoption to make a difference. Oceana is campaigning to protect important seafloor habitats around the world that octopuses and our oceans need.

Octopuses are perhaps best known for having eight tentacles, but these cephalopods are impressive for so many more reasons. They have three hearts, blue blood and are expert problem-solvers.

A gift will help make the oceans a safer and healthier place for octopuses that depend on vibrant seafloor habitats to survive. Supports can choose an octopus cookie cutter, plush or both, and receive a personalized adoption certificate for someone special on their gift list.

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