Helping Triathletes Improve Their Swim

Helping Triathletes Improve Their Swim

Courtesy of Gerry Rodrigues, Tower 26, Santa Monica.

Coach Gerry Rodrigues, “Tower 26‘s latest 39-minute Be Race Ready podcast series episode #22 on triathlon swimming is loaded for listening.”

Rodrigues and co-host Jim Lubinski introduce paraplegic Danny Garcia. “We educate on planning your 2017 season, discuss the final touches of our virtual subscription training program, and answer some good questions. This [pre-season] is the backbone of our year.

I do not believe legs are that important in the swim leg of a triathlon, so I am excited about helping Danny [whose legs are atrophied] achieve his goals as a triathlete.”

Garcia learned how to swim in 2015 with his first triathlon race in 2016. As a disabled athlete, he completed three half Ironman distances and two sprint distance Ironmans as a disabled athlete in his first year.

Under his first year of training at Tower 26, Coach Rodrigues asked Garcia to do much of his swim workouts with a pull buoy.

Episode #22: TOWER 26’s Be Race Ready series where Rodrigues and Lubinski interview Garcia is posted at iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher and at Tower26.

For more information, contact or @Tower_26 and TOWER 26.

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