Heroes And Heroines From Hinsdale

Video courtesy of Bill Lauritzen from Hinsdale, Illinois.

Legendary coach Don Watson, author of The Hinsdale Swimming Program, has touched many lives including a vast number of student-athletes from Hinsdale Central High School in the state of Illinois. Many of his swimmers have been subsequently been inducted into various Halls of Fame. The list is remarkable:

International Swimming Hall of Fame
1978 John Kinsella, Honor Swimmer
2014 Sandra Bucha Kerscher, Honor Swimmer
2015 Don Watson, Honor Coach

2013 Bob Dudley, Gold Medallion Award

International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame
2000 John Kinsella, Honour Swimmer
2013 Don Watson, Honour Coach
2014 Sandra Bucha Kerscher, Honour Swimmer

United States Pantheon Hall of Fame
1985 Bob Nieman

University of Indiana Hall of Fame
1980 John Kinsella
2015 John Murphy

State of Illinois Swimming Hall of Fame
1980 John Kinsella
1970 Don Watson

Hinsdale Central High School Foundation Hall of Fame
1997 Bob Nieman
2000 John Kinsella
2003 Don Watson
2010 Dr. George Tidmarsh
2012 Sandra Bucha Kerscher
2012 Bob Dudley
2012 Dr. Brian Moran
2013 LTC Jack Ekl (Navy fighter pilot)
2013 Jim Pilsner
2014 Jim Bere
2015 Carol Lambert Bobo
2015 LtC Tina Wolfframm McGuffin (Army Intelligence)
2015 John Murphy
2016 Scott Cordin
2016 Dr. Janika Ertl

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