Heroine, Mentor, Icon Elizabeth Fry Receives Irving Davids and Captain Roger W. Wheeler Memorial Award

Heroine, Mentor, Icon Elizabeth Fry Receives Irving Davids and Captain Roger W. Wheeler Memorial Award

From any angle, from every perspective, International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Honor Swimmer Elizabeth Fry is a genuine heroine and leader in the open water. “She is a mentor, an icon, a record-setter, an administrator with a can-do mindset and no-nonsense demeanor. She leads by example – and a whole lotta hard work and dedication,” describes Steven Munatones of the 2022 Irving Davids and Captain Roger W. Wheeler Memorial Award recipient, given by the International Swimming Hall of Fame.

Irving Davids-Captain Roger Wheeler Memorial Award is an award of the International Swimming Hall of Fame, established in 1970 by the New England Marathon Swimming Association to honor and recognize the contribution of individuals and groups making major contributions to marathon swimming and to serve as a perpetual memorial to Irving Davids and Captain Roger Wheeler. Its recipients include the following:

1970 Joe Grossman
1971 Gerald Forsberg
1972 Buck Dawson
1973 Willy Van Rysel
1974 Jerry Nason
1975 Ray Scott and Audrey Scott
1976 Aquatique Club Du lac St. Jean
1977 Conrad Wennerberg
1978 Charles E. Silvia
1979 Dennis Matuch
1980-2001 Award Retired
2002 James Doty
2003 British Long Distance Swimming Association
2004 Roger Parsons & Valerie Parsons
2005 Lynn Blouin
2006 Dale Petranech
2007 Silvia Dalotto
2008 Shelley Taylor-Smith
2009 Michael Read
2010 Christopher Guesdon
2011 Steven Munatones
2012 Drury Gallagher
2013 Ned Denison
2014 Melissa Cunningham
2015 Dennis Miller
2016 David Yudovin
2017 Richard Broer
2018 Stéphane Lecat
2019: Sue Guesdon
2020: Sid Cassidy
2021: Colin Hill
2022: Elizabeth Fry

Ned Denison, chairperson of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame, announced, “The Award will be presented to Elizabeth during the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Induction and Award Ceremony in Naples Italy on May 7th 2022.

Elizabeth is recognized as an open water swimming administrator from Connecticut, USA who has served the sport for more than 30 years. She has also been the marathon director for 13 years of the 25 km St. Vincent’s Foundation Swim Across the Sound in Long Island which raises more than US$2 million each year.

Prior to her leadership in 2007, the event raised approximately US$40,000 annually. Liz moved the bar – tremendously. Liz also created a detailed safety plan that allows the event to host up to 65 escort boats and created separate team and two-person relay categories to expand fundraising and provide open water experience to local swimmers. Donations help cancer patients and their families.

In 2008, Liz expanded the fundraising to include multiple sclerosis (MS) with an event named the January Jam. The January Jam encourages participants from around the world to track their yardage for the entire month to see who can “jam” the most yards into 31 days.

It goes without saying that Elizabeth is an accomplished marathon swimmer: she has completed the Oceans Seven; set the record for the oldest person to do a two-way English Channel crossing; and pioneered other first feats including a two-way Ederle Swim, a 56.3 km swim from Manhattan to Sandy Hook, New Jersey and two-way S.C.A.R. Swim Challenge. She was inducted into the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame as an Honor Swimmer in 2014.

With her sister Peggy

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