High And Live On Lake Tahoe

High And Live On Lake Tahoe

It did not take long for the formality of the Lake Tahoe Swimming Society (LTSS) to excite the marathon swimming community. Within weeks of its formation, 9 athletes have signed up to swim the length of the 21-mile lake high up in the Sierra Nevada mountains between the states of California and Nevada.

Times are exciting. We just received our twelfth intent to swim today,” explained Lake Tahoe Swimming Society’s Jamie Patrick within 10 days of co-founding the Society.

The lake is going to be busy this summer with marathon swimmers. We already have nine making an attempt by traditional marathon swimming rules and another three in the adventure swimming realm.”

And similar to the Dover Museum in England and the Cabrillo Beach Boathouse along the Catalina Channel, the Lake Tahoe swims will be memorialized by a local historical society. The Lake Tahoe Marine Museum endorsed the Lake Tahoe Swimming Society. “They will record and archive all the data that we provide them. The museum is right on the water,” explained The LTSS. “We will also create a really cool display that will represent the history of swimming in the museum for public viewing. We will also prepare a hard-bound book that will be displayed in the museum that will be for all of those who have successfully completed the swim to sign.”

The LTSS is also excited to announce the introduction of a live portal that may be used for those that complete the Intent to Swim form. This portal will allow outsiders to follow the progress of the swimmers attempting a crossing. Swimmers will be sent a GPS tracking device prior to their swim. The public can then log on to follow the swimmer, view video, photos, and text updates from their crew. With a simple technology, the crew and upload video, photos, and text directly from their smart phone (iPhone, Blackberry, etc.). No special software is needed. The live portal will be up the first week in March.

The twelve announced challengers across Lake Tahoe in 2012 include …

Jamie Patrick – Single Marathon
Joe Locke – Double Marathon
Vito Bialla – Single Marathon
Jim Alabiso – Single Marathon
Karen Rogers – Double Marathon
Robert Mog – Single Marathon
Rob Laurie – Single Adventure
Greg Larson – Single Marathon
Morgan Christian – Single Adventure
Phil Cutti – Double Marathon

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