Highlights from the 2024 Swim Around Key West

Highlights from the 2024 Swim Around Key West

The College of the Florida Keys organized an exciting open water swimming event on June 8, 2024 at Higgs Beach in Key West, Florida. It was a very vibrant open water swimming scene, with 224 participants from 5 countries. 

There was a course set with buoys in the Atlantic Ocean for the 800-yard, 1-mile, and 2-mile events. Starting in the water at Higgs Beach, participants swam near the White Street Pier, with local marine life and beautiful coral reefs. The 6.2-mile (10K) event coincided with the start of the Swim Around Key West.

The award ceremonies for the 800-yard, 1-mile, and 2-mile swims took place on Higgs Beach right after the 2-mile race. The ceremonies celebrated the achievements of participants with a vibrant beach festival. The race organizers awarded the winners of the 10K race immediately after the event.

Swim Around Key West – A 12.5 Mile Challenge

The Swim Around Key West was the day’s main event. It is a challenging 12.5-mile swim. Swimmers circumnavigate the island and iconic landmarks, such as the Southernmost Point, Key West Harbor, and Cow Key Bridge. Racers had to swim in a distinct dual-ocean environment, where the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean merge. Water temperatures held steady between 86 and 89.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Swimmers, both solo and in relay teams of up to six, navigated through the City of Key West mooring field as well and around various other natural landmarks.

Race Director Lori Bosco said,

“This race keeps growing making it a family event which is set for all types of open water swimmers from beginner to advanced.  The heat makes it a very challenging race.  It’s a great opportunity to see Key West from the ocean both the land and under the sea.  Next year, our event will be June 14, 2025.”



  • 1st place Male:  Dawson Hughes, Second Place:  Daniel Sherlock, Third Place:  Levi Johnson  
  • 1st place Female:  Savannah Schapley, Second Place:  Emily Bowers, Third Place:  Ginger Potts

1 mile: 

  • 1st place Male: Santiago Gonzalez , Second Place:  Eleazar Gamboa, Third Place:  Christopher Albrecht  
  • 1st place Female:  Chloe Albrecht, Second Place:  Amelia Korzen, Third Place:  Anna Kassis


  • 1st place Male:  Michael Yoch, Second Place:  John Basilone, Third Place:  Mason Egan  
  • 1st place Female:  Julia Sherlock, Second Place:  Nadya Rodriguez


  • 1st place Male:  Chad Senior, Second Place:  Dmitriy Zimin, Third Place:  Richard Schoenborn  
  • 1st place Female:  Stacey Hassel, Second Place:  Kelly Beecher, Third Place:  Lisa Brockwell

Swim Around Key West:

  • 1st place Male:  Eric Sullivan, Second Place:  Stuart Lochray, Third Place:  Brad Rodgers  
  • 1st place Female:  Emily Clary, Second Place:  Stephanie Gibson, Third Place:  Daniela Vomastkova.  Overall Relay team:  Dave Alexander/Alexander Cole/Gabriel Eschbach/Jim Alexander/Griffin Pulsen. 

The College of the Florida Keys’ Swim Around Key West is a premier event in the open water swimming calendar. Visit www.swimaroundkeywest.org for details about future events.

Photo credits: Lori Bosco, Lesley Brainard Facebook, The College of the Florida Keys Swim Around Key West Facebook