Hiking And Acclimating To The Big Swim

Hiking And Acclimating To The Big Swim

Courtesy of Nicolene Steynberg about the Madswimmers hiking up Mt Ojos del Salado in Argentina.

Slowly but surely the Madswimmers Mt Ojos team is getting higher and higher towards their goal.

Madswimmer founder Jean Craven and team doctor Darryl Wood are interviewed on their latest altitude hike to climatize to 4,592 meters in the Atacama Desert in Chile on volcano Dona Innes.

“Their first acclimitisation hike yesterday was to 4592m above sea level and back to base camp to see how they coped with the altitude,” reports Nicolene Steynberg. “Everyone was fine except that some battled to sleep at that height, but the team spirit is still very positive.

Data showed that the lake on Mt Ojos is still solidly frozen, a matter that might even defeat the chain saws they are carrying with to cup open the ice. This is becoming a real risk now. Although the team is still hopeful to swim on Mt Ojos at 6,400m above sea level, they are now also considering a Plan B that involves swimming in a lower lake on another volcano, Zapaleri, at 5,540m. Logistics are getting a bit challenging but they will figure things out when they get there

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