Hobart Homecoming

Hobart Homecoming

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Italian coach Valerio Valli (holding camera) met with Chris Guesdon, Sue Guesdon, Penny Palfrey, Anne Steele and Duncan Hall (all Australian in middle row left to right) and Chris Palfrey (Australia), Dan Curtis (USA), and Hamish Lyons Hall (Australia, back row).

The group of marathon swimmers, coaches, handlers and advisers gathered for a wonderful reunion meal hosted by the Guesdons in Australia’s Sandy Bay in Hobart, Tasmania. “The evening went by quickly as stories, advice and opinions on all things marathon swimming swirled the room,” recalled Penny Palfrey.

Before the evening was over, a swim and breakfast were planned for the following morning. We met on the shores of Kingston Beach for a refreshing swim followed by coffee and breakfast where again, open water, channel and marathon swimming continued to dominate the friendly groups conversations.”

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