Hockey Helps In The Open Water

Hockey Helps In The Open Water

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Lifelong swimmer Pam Lazzarotto often encounters the frustration of foggy goggles. Living in a small town in Canada in the middle of winter, she is surrounded by ice hockey fans and few swim shops.

So the Canadian swimmer turns to Elite Hockey PROCLEAR 77 Anti-Fog spray.

I use it everyday. One day last winter, I decided to tromp out in the snow on an anti-fog solution quest. At the local sports store, the young sales guy was a hockey player recommended ice hockey helmet visor spray. I tried it and the 4-ounce bottle was C$7.99 is enough to last me a lifetime. It works. I love hockey.

Regular goggle anti-fog spray says spray on and let it dry first which seems to work best. So I spray it on at the end of workout, ready for the next swim.

If I need extra defogging in the middle of workout though, I just spray more on and keep going…so far, so good. PROCLEAR 77 is a anti-fog formula, provided in a convenient pump spray for ice hockey visors, ski masks, helmet shields or any surface where fog may develop

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Steven Munatones