Honoring And Looking Back At An Adventure Of A Lifetime

Honoring And Looking Back At An Adventure Of A Lifetime

Courtesy of WOWSA, Drake Passage, Chile.

Nuala Moore was nominated for the Irish Adventurer of the Year in the category of Best Adventure by Water for her 1-mile swim from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean through the Drake Passage that is two miles south of Chile’s Cape Horn where the water temperature was 7°C amid 3 meter ocean swells.

I am very proud to be nominated as Irish Adventurer of the Year for my swim in one of the most remote locations in the world,” says Moore. “One of the greatest challenges with this water is the circular Antarctic polar currents. No land east or west making the water treacherous.

It is hard to put words on the moment you’re exposed to your own risks. Letting go of that Zodiac was one of the toughest moments ever. Life prepares you and trust allows you teammates and grateful to Chris and Catherine and their expertise which allowed me to swim

The Irish Adventurer of the year awards have a judging panel selection, but there is one award for The Most Inspirational Adventure that is 50% public vote (vote here).

Moore observes, “The list of nominees is mind-blowing, to be listed with so fabulous.

It is such an honor to take risks that allow us to go to such remote locations and enjoy these moments in history. To be so small in the water and to look up at an iconic headland of such fear will forever stay with me…to be able to go to such a surreal location as Cape Horn. The fact the judges viewed my journey, the adventure on this level is great.

The stress of the 60 hours steaming in the boat and had Italy Glacier crossing in 3°C water the day before along with the stress, the risks and financial pressure of the commitment. It is so lovely to be able to relive it now

To vote and more information on the awards ceremony and Irish Adventure Film Festival, visit here.

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