Honour Pilots In the International Hall Of Fame

Honour Pilots In the International Hall Of Fame

Without them, no channel could be crossed. Without them, no marathon swim could be attempted. Without them, safety is impossible.

With them, navigation is made significantly easier. With them, support crews are protected and enabled. With them, swimmers are given confidence and protection.

They are truly the men of the sea, the stewards of marathon swimming, the backbone of the sport. They may be grizzled, they may be gruff, but they are also generous, passionate and knowledgeable.

They are venerable Honour Pilots of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame, the lifeline between success, safety and the other shore:

* Reg Brickell, Sr., Great Britain, 2003
* Reg Brickell, Jr., Great Britain, 2009
* Ray Brickell, Great Britain, 2009
* Captain Leonard Hutchinson, Great Britain, 2004
* William J. Long, Great Britain, 2004
* Michael Oram, Great Britain, 2005
* Duncan Taylor, Great Britain, 2005
* David Whyte, Great Britain, 2007

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