How Big Is The Midmar Mile? 17,000+ Big

The sheer size of the aQuelle Midmar Mile is mind-boggling. “We purchased our own timing system and turn buoys,” said race director Wayne Ridden.

A little over 17,000 transponders are used. In the 10K race that was held today, the athletes worn the transponders on their wrists and touched the split timing mat to mark their halfway 5K times. During the mile race that will be held on Sunday, the transponders will be worn 17,000 transponders are backed up by a redundancy system of barcodes.

The first-pass time is taken when the athletes cross the timing mat as they run over the finish line. The second-pass time is identified by a barcode that is worn by every competitor. The times are then immediately uploaded and shared with the field and media – a technically satisfying solution, especially in a sport where results many times takes days to report.

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