How Close Is Close?

How Close Is Close?

Photo and video of the finish of the men’s 10 km Olympic 10K Marathon qualifying swim in Kazan, Russia is courtesy of Rai Sport, a race won by Jordan Wilimovsky.

Watch the final sprint to the 10 km world championships here on Rai Sport.

The photo above shows the photo finish between 9th place Allan Do Carmo of Brazil and 10th place Federico Vanelli of Italy, both who were given a time of 1:50:23.1. They finished just ahead of 11th place Yasunari Hirai of Japan (1:50:28.3) and Axel Reymond of France (1:50:28.4).

Hirai and Reymond and dozens of other top competitors will have to attempt to qualify for the 2016 Rio Olympics in June 2016 at the second and final Olympic qualifying swim in Setúbal, Portugal.

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Steven Munatones