How Focused Is Stephen Redmond?

How Focused Is Stephen Redmond?

Ned Denison tells this story of his fellow Irish marathon swimmer who has now landed in Honolulu to get ready to attempt the 26-mile Molokai Channel, just days after completing the Catalina Channel:

It seems that Stephen Redmond had settled on his line to get around the Fastnet Rock [the treacherous most southerly point in Ireland].

This freaking sailboat came alongside and looked to be getting the inside line, so he gave it a bit of an elbow and damn if it doesn’t flip over. He kept going ’cause he didn’t want to get arrested

In all seriousness, Stephen is focused. Hours after completing his Catalina Channel crossing this week, he was headed home. There was no way he was ready to do another swim – marathon or not. “I ate, I slept and I got into the hotel pool the next morning.” By lunch time, he had talked with his brother Anthony and decided to catch a flight to Hawaii for a 42K attempt on the Molokai Channel. He has landed on Oahu yesterday and is preparing to make the assault on the Molokai Channel this coming week.

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