How Low Can They Go?

How Low Can They Go?

How Low Can They Go?

Courtesy of WOWSA, Southern Ocean, Antarctica.

With Bhakti Sharma‘s recent Antarctica swim generating waves of congratulations across India, where does her 41-minute 1.4-mile swim in 1ºC water rank in the Southern Ocean?

2002: Lynne Cox swam 1.22 miles (1.96 km) in Neko Harbor in Antarctica in 25 minutes in 2ºC at 60º South

2005: Lewis Pugh swam 1 km off Petermann Island at 65º South in 0°C waters

2005: Lewis Pugh swam 1 mile near Deception Island in 2°C waters around 60º South

2008: Ram Barkai swam 1 km in 1ºC waters at 70º South near Maitri, an Indian scientific research station in Long Lake

2014: Toks Viviers, Andrew Chin, Ryan Stramrood, Kieron Palframan, Gavin Pike and Ram Barkai swam 1 km at 66° South

2014: Andrew Chin did a 1 km swim and Toks Viviers and Gavin Pike completed an ice mile in Paradise Harbour in Antarctica in -1ºC water

Instead of traveling to the Southern Ocean, over 650 swimmers will take a significantly less expensive route to compete in water around 3ºC in the UK Cold Water Swimming Championships. The Championships are hosted by the South London Swimming Club in London’s Tooting Bec Lido this weekend.

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