How Lynne Cox Impresses The World

How Lynne Cox Impresses The World

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Lynne Cox, the renowned ice swimmer, channel swimmer, extreme swimmer and marathon swimmer from Southern California, provided a springboard for open water swimming to soar, not only by her own athletic exploits, but also through her books and speeches.

Cox was a pioneer of the sport and well ahead of her time, especially when it came to cold water and doing extreme, unprecedented swims all around the world. We asked women about what impressions Cox had on them:

Q1. What one word comes to mind when you think of Lynne Cox?

A1. Hadar Aviram from California: Pioneering
A2. Elaine Howley from Massachusetts: Ballsy
A3. Flavia Medlin: Awesome
A4. Rachel Randall from Hawaii: Legendary
A5. Christine Andrews-Rice from Hawaii: Courageous
A6. Charlotte Samuels from New York: Hero
A7. Mackenzie Miller from Hawaii: Fearless
A8. Pat Gallant-Charette from Maine: Tenacious
A9. Patti Bauernfeind from California: Tough
A10. Jennifer Figge from Colorado: ice cream headache
A11. Christie Plank Ciraulo from California: Integrity
A12. Lexie Kelly from California: Pioneer
A13. Glenda Carroll from California: Waterbaby
A14. Sakina Zerrel from California: Extreme
A15. Suzanne Heim-Bowen from California: Passion
A16. Kaia Hedlund from California: Passionate
A17. Pam Lazzarotto from Canada: Pioneer
A18. Vasanti Niemz from Germany: Iconic
A19. Laura Hamel from Florida: Thoughtful
A20. Vicki Keith from Canada: Compassionate
A21. Beth Yudovin from California: Determined
A22. Ingrid Miller from California: Fearless

Q2. In one sentence, how can you best describe Lynne Cox?

A1. Hadar Aviram: When you meet Lynne, it’s amazing to see how humble, approachable, and kind this incredibly accomplished athlete is.
A2. Elaine Howley: She is warm and forthcoming and seems to really want to help other swimmers achieve their best, which I think of as the true embodiment of the spirit of marathon swimming.
A3. Flavia Medlin: Lynne Cox is a creative, aquatic adventurer having completed many unique swims.
A4. Rachel Randall: Legendary
A5. Christine Andrews-Rice: A woman who inspires the rest of us.
A6. Charlotte Samuels: Swimming to Antarctica sparked the best decision I’ve ever made in my entire life.
A7. Mackenzie Miller: Not only has she overcome some of the most monumental open water swims, she taught us how to overcome anything and any obstacle in Swimming to Antarctica.
A8. Pat Gallant-Charette: She inspires swimmers throughout all generations with her determination, true-grit, and a can-do attitude.
A9. Patti Bauernfeind: She continuously inspires so many people swimmers and non-swimmers by the way she combines her gifts and passions to make change in the world.
A10. Jennifer Figge: She has swum the line between human and marine life.
A11. Christie Plank Ciraulo: Though her myriad of swims in remote, awkward, and even life-threatening waters, Lynne has maintained her integrity with independent observers, the collection of valuable scientific/medical information, and by bringing attention to various world affairs, all while placing personal glory and goals in the background.
A12. Lexie Kelly: Lynne is THE synonym for ‘open water’ as she has pioneered the sport in a vast number of bodies of water of all types all over the entire globe.
A13. Glenda Carroll: If I was creating a character for a book I was writing that had a child-like appreciation of the water and all its beauty, fierce determination and a warm and gracious nature, it would be Lynne Cox.
A14. Sakina Zerrel: A bold pioneer and a badass swimmer, a bright soft-spoken Shero who emanates all sorts of kindness and wisdom.
A15. Suzanne Heim-Bowen: Aside from being such a humble and approachable person, Lynne’s love of open water swimming and all her accomplishments are done out of her passion for the sport and/or for using her swimming prowess to build relationships and highlight causes that will benefit others.
A16. Kaia Hedlund: Lynne is a passionate, driven and gentle soul who has lived her own life and followed her own path inspiring others.
A17. Pam Lazzarotto: She was swimming in the open water way ahead of the curve.
A18. Vasanti Niemz from Germany: Humble, warm-hearted, incredibly brave and determined, deeply inspiring and visionary swimming legend/icon and pioneer who contributed to ending the Cold War.
A19. Abanna Kalagian from Washington: Lynne swims with a oneness-heart that carries and inspires us all.
A20. Laura Hamel from Florida: Lynne has approached her lifelong marathon swimming career with the most useful tool in any swimmer’s tool box: the mind.
A21. Vicki Keith from Canada: During a training session Lynne realised that a baby grey whale was lost and in distress so she remained in the water for hours as she found support and went about helping the young whale, maintaining her focus on the well-being of the whale with little consideration for herself.
A22. Beth Yudovin from California: Between her focused training regime and unique body composition, Lynne is the most proficient cold water channel swimmer in the world.
A22. Ingrid Miller from California: Lynne is an athlete without regret, whose spirit resides in the ocean.

Photos above from Germany’s Spiegel Magazine that described Cox as “peace angel in a swim suit” who said, “Overcoming and opening frontiers became part of my mission.”

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