How To Overcome Fear in Open Water - Free E-book

How To Overcome Fear in Open Water – Free E-book

Presented by Vasa Trainer

Even the most veteran open water swimmers have fear. But the best way to overcome fear is to expect the unexpected and be prepared.

A thorough e-book by VASA Trainer compiles valuable wisdom from some of the world’s top coaches to give athletes the tools to face any conditions in open water.

The ebook is organized into 4 helpful sections, with quotes and advice sprinkled throughout from some very influential coaches.

Section 1: How it’s Different from a Pool

While it’s wet and you’re still swimming, this e-book breaks some of the important differences between a pool session and an open water one, including the importance of navigation, sighting and making sure you’re oriented by buoys or other markers. Another variable you won’t deal with in a pool is the cold, so making sure you’re acclimated, avoiding hypothermia and wearing a proper wetsuit if needed is critical.

Section 2: Technique

Going faster with less effort definitely reduces anxiety but it takes some focused work practicing the individual components. This guide breaks down body position, kick, stroke rate, and breathing to make sure you can stay calm and relaxed as you efficiently propel yourself through the water.

Section 3: Physical Preparation

Learn why you should practice fast swimming in addition to your standard pace, get tips from experts on the best way to find your ideal stroke rate and the best dry-land work for swimming, including how to take advantage of the Vasa Swim Erg.

Section 4: Putting it All Together on Race Day

In the final section, you’ll receive some sage advice on how to control the elements of the race that are in your control and mentally prepare for the things that are out of your control. And most importantly, how to never fear failure.

“Four Keys to Fearless Open Water Swimming”

Wisdom and Secrets from 11 of the World’s Top Coaches and Athletes

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