How To Stage A Swim Around Oahu

How To Stage A Swim Around Oahu

Dr. Steven Minaglia and Marek Lehocky completed a 206.43 km (128.27-mile) non-continuous stage swim, a clockwise circumnavigation swim around the island of Oahu on November 6th.

They started their 24-stage swim on Kaimana Beach near the foot of the Diamond Head volcano and swam clockwise around Oahu, taking a total of 72 hours 59 minutes 15 seconds, while swimming an average of 8.6 km per stage that took them an average of 3 hours 2 minutes 28 seconds per stage.

60 key navigation points along their ocean journey are listed below:

  • 3.3 km from Kaimana Beach to Sand Island (Hilton Hawaiian Village)
  • 3.1 km the Hilton Hawaiian Village to Point Panic
  • 2.5 km from Point Panic to Sand Island Park
  • 11.1 km from Sand Island Park to Keahi Point (Iriquois Dr)
  • 2.5 km from Keahi Point to Ewa Beach Park
  • 4.6 km from Ewa Beach Park to Onuela Beach Park
  • 8.0 km from Onuela Beach Park to Barbers Point
  • 5.9 km from Barbers Point to Ko’Olina Lagoon 1
  • 3.0 km from Ko’Olina Lagoon 1 to Tracks Beach Park
  • 3.2 km from Tracks Beach Park to Nanakuli (Haleakala Ave.)
  • 1.9 km from Nanakula (Haleakala Ave.) to Ulehawa Beach Park
  • 4.3 km from Ulehawa Beach Park to Maili Beach Park
  • 3.4 km from Maili Beach Park to Pokai Bay
  • 3.8 km from Pokai Bay to Lahilahi Point
  • 1.9 km from Lahilahi Point to Makaha Beach Park
  • 3.0 km from Makaha Beach Park to Kee’au Homestead Rd.
  • 3.7 km from Kee’au Homestead Rd. to Makua Beach
  • 2.8 km from Makua Beach to Pukano Point
  • 11.4 km from Pukano Point to Mokuleia (1st Beach)
  • 4.1 km from Mokuleia (1st Beach) to Mokuleia Beach Park
  • 3.7 km from Mokuleia Beach Park to Makaleha Stream
  • 2.5 km from Makaleha Stream to Olohio Street
  • 5.1 km from Olohoi Street to Ali’i Beach Park
  • 4.0 km from Ali’i Beach Park to Laniakea
  • 4.1 km from Laniakea to Waimea Bay
  • 3.6 km from Waimea Bay to Pipeline
  • 3.1 km from Pipeline to Kaunala Gulch
  • 2.4 km from Kaunala Gulch to Wallace Beach Park
  • 2.9 km from Wallace Beach Park to Turtle Bay (Haleiwa side)
  • 3.5 km from Turtle Bay (Haleiwa side) to Kulima Golf Course Beach
  • 2.7 km from Kulima Golf Course Beach to James Campbell Beach
  • 4.4 km from James Campbell Beach to Kahuku Golf Course Beach
  • 2.0 km from Kahuku Golf Course Beach to Malaekahana
  • 3.3 km from Malaekahana to Hukilau Beach
  • 4.5 km from Hukilau Beach to La’ie Beach Park
  • 3.4 km from La’ie Beach Park to Hau’Ula Community Park
  • 4.9 km from Hau’Ula Community Park to Punalu’u Beach Park
  • 4.8 km from Punalu’u Beach Park to Swanzy Beach Park
  • 4.1 km from Swanzy Beach Park to Ka’O’lo Point
  • 4.4 km from Ka’O’lo Point to Chinaman’s Hat
  • 9.8 km from Chinaman’s Hat to Pyramid Rock Beach
  • 10.7 km from Pyramid Rock Beach to Kalama Beach Park
  • 2.2 km from Kalama Beach Park to Lanikai Boat Ramp
  • 2.3 km from Lanikai Boat Ramp to Lanipo Drive
  • 4.8 km from Lanipo Drive to Sherwoods
  • 1.4 km from Sherwoods to Waimanalo Beach Park
  • 4.8 km from Waimanalo Beach Park to Makapu’u
  • 5.8 km from Makapu’u to Sandy’s
  • 3.3 km from Sandy’s to Hanauma Bay
  • 3.5 km Hanauma Bay to China Walls
  • 3.1 km from China Walls to Paiko Drive
  • 3.5 km from Paiko Drive to Wailupe Place
  • 3.1 km from Wailupe Place to Wai’alae Beach Park
  • 4.3 km from Wai’alae Beach Park to Daimond Head (cliffs)
  • 3.1 km from Diamond Head (cliffs) to Kaimana Beach
Stage 1 from Kaimana Beach to Sand Island
Stage 2

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