How Unusual - Gender Battles In The Open Water

How Unusual – Gender Battles In The Open Water

Michael Phelps would never race against Stephanie Rice. Kosuke Kitajima would never race against Rebecca Soni. Aaron Piersol would never race against Natalie Coughlin.

These Olympic pool swimming superstars line up, rightly so, against swimmers of their own gender.

Ice skaters, short track speed skaters and cyclists are the same – men vs. men and women vs. women – and the two genders never cross or compete.

But not in the open water.

At the 2011 World Swimming Championships, men and women will line up together as teammates and rivals. The new Team Time Trial event (a Team Pursuit race) will be held in Shanghai. Each team will comprise of 3 athletes, at least one of each gender. The teams start apart in one-minute increments over the 5K course and the official time is based on the finish of the third and final swimmer.

The winning team will undoubtedly be the trio of swimmers who can best position, pace and navigate well together as a team. Men and women together in the open water – what a great mix.

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Steven Munatones