Hulaman's History Of Open Water On The Internet

Hulaman’s History Of Open Water On The Internet

In the early years of global connectivity before online social media changed the way people communicated, John Walker and Chris Davis changed things.

In April 1995, John wrote a highly distributed article on open water swimming via a usenet newsgroup, which was the primary online information exchange at the time. “I’m actually not sure when it was accessible via http, but the group had been around 3 or 4 years by then. That is the group I wrote the article for. Most triathletes came from a running or cycling background. And most swimmers had spent most of their time in the pool. They all seemed afraid of open water. But none of the triathlon magazines ever really addressed open water much beyond ‘draft someone, look forward occasionally to keep on course.’ So I tried to apply my experience and some common sense to make the transition a little less traumatic.”

Chris Davis first put it on his Hulaman website in 1995 when the web was still fairly small without many triathlon or swimming related sites.

I still get a handful of queries about it each year. It always pleases me to get them because it reminds me that people still find it helpful – even if it isn’t nearly as complete as so many other sites that are now available.”

John’s work – the highest ranked link when searching on Google for open water swimming – remains a seminal article on the sport, entitled Open Water Tips. Not surprising for the software engineer currently working for…Google.

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