Humans To Use Orcas To Avoid Sharks

Courtesy of Kickstarter.

ORCA or the Ocean Recreation Comfort Apparatus is sonic camouflage designed to keep sharks away from humans when they are surfing, swimming, diving or otherwise recreating in the ocean.

The new product is a Kickstarter project that is gradually being crowd funded.

The ORCA emits sound waves that mimic killer whales. Based on scientific research, the concept behind the ORCA has been proven to work both naturally and synthetically. In the same way that sharks detect and avoid killer whales in the wild, they find the sound waves emitted by the ORCA intolerable – and they keep their distance.

Sharks’ main and most acute sensory perception is hearing. Because sound travels up to five times faster underwater than in air, Sonic Camouflage technology has a wide effective range, creating a sonic buffer around the user of about 100 feet (30m).

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Steven Munatones